Treasure Trophies (aka Circuit Trophies)

Some extended local events (based on attendance) and all regional and the global events includes a Treasure Trophy award for the best of show winner in addition to the BoS Trophy. This can be thought of as additional collectors trophy that is awarded in these evenets for the Best of Show winner. Each Treasure Trophy is assigned to a specific yearly event and will always host it every year for the term that the Draconic Awards will be held as that specific event.

The Purpose of the Treasure Trophies

We don't want just one set of "Best of Show" Trophy as they will be all the same type of trophies. So we introduced what we consider the "circuit trophies" based on the theme of the Draconic Awards. Each piece is part of the "Dragonslayers Arsenal" and in "fluff" terms what one needs to defeat the dragon. This is to keep the Draconic Awards fresh for those master painters as it would take a few years to acquire the whole collection.


Only one specific Treasure Trophy can be won by one person in the circuit. If the BoS winner has already won a certain piece by entering the same yearly event, the piece is passed down BoS second place or the second highest rated piece overall... if the second place BoS winner has already won the specific Treasure Trophy, then it will be passed down to the third place winner... etc.

Treasure Trophy Events

The current table defines which extended local/regional/global events will host which specific treasure trophy:

Event Circuit/Region Treasure Trophy
T.B.A. Globals Dragonsbane (Sword)
Las Vegas Open Regional (West Coast) Fang (Dagger)
T.B.A. Regional (Midwest) Flame Guard (Gauntlet)
T.B.A. Regional (East Coast) Dragon's Crown (Helm)
GearsCon Regional (Europe) Glittering Scales (Shield)