What is the Draconic Awards?

The purpose of the Draconic Awards is to promote miniature painting in the tabletop gaming hobby and to encourage and inspire hobbyist worldwide to become a better artist. The Draconic Awards is situated to try and create not just an atmosphere of friendly competition, but also an interactive community in which everyone can learn and share with each other.

The Draconic Awards is organized and produced by the Wargamers Consortium in conjunction with Badger Air-brush Co, and Games and Gears, LLP. and is maintained by the WGC Next Level Up Painting Director along with it’s crew.

The DraconicAwards.com Website

The draconicawards.com website isn’t just to market the competition but it’s also a backend database that keeps track of all participant rating for all the events they have attended. This allows participants to compare their ratings to others in the same competition, the whole event, the whole region or the whole circuit. The website also keep track of titles achieved as well as who holds which Treasure Trophies… etc.

The DraconicAwards.com uses the Wargamers Consortium member database as its authentication system so that a participant may contact other painters that have been in the circuit for advice and discussions at the WGC website. This is an optional feature for all DA participants that can be changed in their settings.

The backend will also be used to run the competition for DA organizers and judges to input rating, add notes as well as take photos that will be uploaded on the spot using latest imaging technologies.

Hosts and Sponsors

The Draconic Awards is a big undertaking so there a many hands that help keep the project going. This comes from our volunteers to our hosta nd sponsors. Here's a run down of the companies involved behind the wheels of the Draconic Awards.


Wargamers Consortium
Badger Airbrushes
Games and Gears


Frontline Gaming
Awesome Paint Job

Event Hosts

Bay Area Open
Las Vegas Open