Entry Restrictions

The following defines the overall guidelines to entering the Draconic Awards competition. However, some of the guidelines may be adjust by the event being held.
  • If both Journeymen and Master Class competitions are to be held at an event, competitors can only enter into one of the competitions.
  • Only two entry is allowed per category.
  • Deadline for entries will be set on an event by event basis as time can vary depending on the event. The deadline should be set to allow judges ample time to vote on all the entries.
  • Scenic bases and plinths do not count towards size restrictions.
  • Entries that have won a placement in another publicized compeition is not eligiable for the Draconic Awards. (see below)

What does winning placement and publicized mean?

If your entries have placed in another publicized competition, it is ineligible for the Draconic Awards. Let's take a look at what this means.

A publicized competition or event means that the event entries were announced and/or shown online or in print. If you entered it into a small local game store contest and no one really knows about it, you're good. If your piece was part of a "best painted army" award type of thing from a gaming tournament you played in, you're safe as well.

Winning a placement in a comptition means you've won AGAINST someone for an award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, best of show, best of category... etc.). Merit based awards (like our coins and pins) is not considered placement as the reward was based on personal merit.

So, if you have entered another compeititon that posts their winners and entries online or in a magazine/newspaper/milk carton AND have won, say, second place in a best of category, then your entry is ineligible.

This is important! BOTH of these conditions must be met in which will make your entry ineligible. If you've entered a big competition before and didn't place, we're ok with that. If you have placed but the contest is some small local store event, we're ok with that. If you've never placed in a compeition you never attended, well, you're good to enter but if you had to ask that question, painting is the least of your worries.

General Category Definitions

  • Single is defined as any normal-sized mini under 54mm in any dimension (excluding extraneous features such as long weapons and banners).
  • Large single is any single humanoid figure 54-1/6 scale in size. This category does not include vehicles or walkers.
  • Squad is a themed grouping of at least 3 miniatures. Adherence to any game's force organization rules is unnecessary.
  • Monsters and Beast is any single monster miniature larger than 3" in any dimension.
  • Vehicle is defined by an object that fits as Large as well as something that can be ridden, driven, piloted, or flown.
  • Diorama is any scenic layout mounted on a display plaque. This can include Duels.
  • Other categories may be added to suit the event theme or preferences

Themed Category Definitions

When required, normally at regional or global events, some of the general categories will be grouped under themed categories. For example, there may be a science fiction category in which a Single, squad and Monster or Vehicle category will be grouped under it and in conjunction with the other theme categories in the event (Fantasy, Horror, Historical… etc.).