Placement Structures

Placement Structures are as follows:

Best of Category

When a competition has the Best of Category Structure in place, then one participant is selected as the winner of the Best of Category trophy. This is usually the highest scoring piece that was entered in said category for that one competition.

Best of Category Stealth: A category must have one or more entries that have qualified for a merit placement for a Best of Category Trophy be available for an awaord. If there are no entries for a category that have at least placed for a merit then the category will be "stealthed" and no Best of Category Trophy will be given out for that category.

Best of Show

This consisted of winners of the highest rated pieces of the whole show. If the show runs both the Journeyman and Master Class Competition then all entries from either competition are eligible for a Best of Show placement.

Additional Placement Structure Rules

Here are some addition rules to the placement structures.

Placement Shift

When both the Best of Show and Best of Category placements are being used, placement is determined by highest rating into the Best of Show slots and then into the best of category slots. An individual can only place once in the best of show category in an event if there are runner up placements. So if one individual has two of the highest rated piece of the whole show then only their first piece will be placed in the Best of Show placement and the second piece will shift down into the category placement (if any).

Tie Breaker

In the rare instance of a tie for any placement slot, the judges will have an open discussion for a final judgment of which pieces will rate higher than the other.