Competition Formats

There are four classifications of competitions that can be held. All formats will use the "merit" (aka Open Judging) system.

Apprentice Competition

The Apprentice Competition is a for ages 15 years of age or younger. This is also sometimes known as the "Youngbloods" category. What best to get the youger kids involved buy giving them a taste of the hobby? Start them young as many would say!

This competition runs on only one open category. This does NOT stop anyone 15 or younger from entering the Journeyman or even the Master competition (if they are that bold).

Journeyman Competition

The Journeyman Competition is a casual competition. This encourages anyone, especially those who are new to the hobby and still learning how to paint, to enter and not worry about being out classed. This is an opportunity for someone to get their feet wet with competition painting. It also allows them to gauge their level of painting and where their work stands among their peers.

The competition can consist of various categories. Everyone who enters the competition will receive a participation pin. Depending on their rating, they can also place and win a bronze, silver or gold placement pins per category.

Master Class Competition

The Master Class Competition is a high level competition meant to compete against the best of the best in either Local Extended, Regional or the Global circuit. Those that enter the Master Class Competition are usually painters of experience and of high standards and skills.

A MCC contains various categories and have the Best of Show and Best of Category placement structure. The merit awards are a bronze, silver or gold placement dragon coins per category respectively.

The Dragonslayer Competition

The Dragonslayer Competition is the competition that pits all attending previous Best of Show winners from the local, regional and global events. There are no categories in this event and there can only be one winner. The one winner will take home the coveted Dragons Head Trophy and title of Dragonslayer.

The Dragonslayer Competition does not fall under the Best of Show Placement Structure and of course does not use the Best of Category Structure. A Dragonslayer competitor may enter into either the Journeyman or Master Class competitions, however, this must be a NEW entry different from what was entered for the Dragonslayer Competition.

A person may only win this competition once in a lifetime. If they die and are resurrected, then all titles are lost and said person must start the circuit over. (We're just covering our bases here, you know, just in case.)