Judging is all anonymous and will be done in a silent ballot system, with each judge submitting their own ballot independently. Entries are given a number and not a name. In any event rated Local Extended or highter, a team of AT LEAST 4 judges must be acquired for the competition. For local or lower, AT LEAST 3 judges are required.

Each judge will have a card (if offline) or using thier mobile device (if online) for each piece to rate the entry from 1.0 to 10.0 and a section for notes that the judge may wish to convey to the artist (not required to write anything).

The votes are averaged from the judges, producing the final rating.

Once the votes are tallied, all cards or printed score sheets will be kept with the entry and given to the artist along with the piece.

Minus One

The minus one rule goes into effect when there is a judge that have entered a piece into the contest. When this happens the lowest score will be dropped from all votes.

Crystal Brush Qualifier

The Crystal Brush Qualifiers will be judged by the event organizers as this award is not given by the Draconic Awards system. This does NOT have to be the Draconic Awards Best of Show winner.

Judging Panel Make Up

To keep judging fresh and fair, the following are restrictions for the Judging Panel make up:
  • The panel must consist of a Head Judge. The Head Judge will be an experienced artist in the hobby and should have a clear understanding of painting techniques and an understanding of the artistic value in miniature painting. The head judge will be selected to resolve issues and be the deciding factor for ties in any placement issues.
  • The other judges should have a clear understanding of painting techniques and understanding of artistic value in miniature painting. These judges can be from any of the companies that produces this competition.

Who Will be Our Judges

The judging panel will be announced after the competition is over. This is to prevent any pretense to what you think a judge might like to see in hopes for a higher rating. We want you to bring your best and bringing your best means the only thing you should worry about is creating a master piece, not worrying about what someone might like better.